What I Want From Twitch


Twitch just made a pretty huge announcement: Streams are no longer restricted to gameplay. Twitch is now an anything-streaming platform just like the science fiction books predicted. People are now able to stream themselves anytime they want. You can vlog yourself in real time and connect with your audience.  Continue reading “What I Want From Twitch”

Phil Fish Said It Right


There are times when I am swept away by the shit that social networks feed me. Our latest election is a great example of one-sided conversations happening at a high frequency. A lot of lies can be spread very quickly, and people’s reputations can be ruined overnight. In the gaming industry, I haven’t seen many red flags that have affected me to be honest. When I saw widespread articles with the common theme of, “Phil Fish is an asshole”, however, I started to think that he was an asshole. It wasn’t until recently when I sat down to watch the Life After sequel to Indie Game: The Movie that I had a change of heart.  Continue reading “Phil Fish Said It Right”

Female Villains Potentially Lost in the Crowd


Avengers was the first superhero flick to make me feel a strange thing  that I hadn’t experienced before with a superhero movie: A disconnect from the main cast. The main character(s) are what the entire experience is funneled towards in movies like that, because seeing how someone with extraordinary abilities reacts to harrowing situations is pretty damn pleasing. When there are too many of these characters on the screen, my attention is divided into too many different areas. For my comic reading, I typically read solo-protagonist stories that feature other important people within the universe regularly. Like Batman. It’s all about Batman generally, but then sometimes there are other people, too. We’re getting away from story-telling like Batman lately in our current/upcoming superhero catalog of movies, and I hope this phase in film is brief. Continue reading “Female Villains Potentially Lost in the Crowd”

Thomas Was Alone: A Personal Journey for Gamers


Thomas Was Alone is a puzzle-laced platforming game that relies heavily on the basic, artistic styles of its characters. The personalities that reside in the game exist within simply colored and shaped rectangles that are packed with individuality despite the lack of unique aesthetic properties. With such a simplistic design, Thomas Was Alone is able to explore a new way of story telling that relates to video game players in personal ways. It does this by taking basic game mechanics such as jumping, falling, and movement and giving each action a purpose.

Continue reading “Thomas Was Alone: A Personal Journey for Gamers”

Interview: David Housden (Thomas Was Alone)



How did you begin working in the game industry?

I began working in the games industry whilst I was at university. My teacher developed a relationship with a local iOS developer and managed to convince them to allow a student to do the sound design and music for the game which they were working on. We were all given the chance to audition for it and we had to write a demo along with a cover letter of why we felt suitable for the role. Luckily for me, I was chosen and got my first credit on a published release in my second year of uni. Continue reading “Interview: David Housden (Thomas Was Alone)”

Interview With Cade Peterson: Tips On Getting Into The Game Industry


Many people are becoming enthralled in whatever games they are playing. It would seem that there is a game out there for every type of person in today’s time, and if that statement isn’t true, than it soon will be. The industry is booming because games are applicable to so many different mind-sets and can influence people in unique and innovative ways. The Nintendo Wii is proof of the expansion of audience relating to games. My grandmother has even considered buying a console so that she can enjoy the game time with grandkids as they come over.

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Interview: Disasterpeace (Rich Vreeland)



Simply put, how did you begin your career in the game industry?

I posted some of my music on a forum, and someone who worked at a software company asked me if I’d be interested to write music for some cell phone games. I said yes and the rest was history! Continue reading “Interview: Disasterpeace (Rich Vreeland)”