Lazy Dude’s Thoughts on Nintendo

So Nintendo is pretty amazing. They know how to keep an IP (intellectual property) alive and well throughout decades! Pokemon became a part of my life in the third grade and I’m now twenty-six years old. Pokemon just topped the mobile charts with Go, and that random, shitty Miitomo app that no one really cared about, but it was Nintendo so like I guess so, was even downloaded millions of times. Basically if it’s Nintendo, that shit sells.

Ever heard of Mario? Biggest point I could make ever right here: Mario is a big deal. Point made already, right? No information needed because everyone knows that Mario is way iconic. Like literally iconic. He’s been around since the eighties, and since then has starred in dozens of games, been stuffed and plushed and sold all over the place (even at the WalMart!), and has also been a movie star. The movie sucked, but it existed.

Nintendo has this power over its fans that is kinda spooky if you think about it. People will talk about Star Fox and Earthbound like…fanatically. It’s crazy how much Pokemon is a part of the world’s conversation. Kirby, Metroid, Zelda–holy shit Zelda–, and the list goes on. People that dig Nintendo products and software, like DIIIIIIIGGGG that shit. There is some near mind-control, black magic going on or something.

Right now, I dunno where Nintendo went off to. He’s just, like, gone right now. I heard a whisper of a whisper about Breath of the Wild, and that’s it. It was making me nervous for a bit, but now I think I’m alright with the silence. Cause looking back upon my Nintendo experiences, I was never let down. The Gamecube? Solid success. Wii? Stayed up until five AM playing Bowling and other random games. The Wii U? Legitimately one of my favorite consoles. Those games were so damn good! The third party support would’ve helped out a great deal and added some longevity to the system’s lifespan, sure. But the games that actually did come out were fuckin’ rad games that I thoroughly enjoyed.

So what’s next Nintendo? I haven’t heard from you in a while. But that’s cool, cause I trust you Boo. You honestly haven’t let me down since I’ve known you. The GameBoy Advance changed my world and introduced me to the gaming addiction and lifestyle that I still enjoy today. Take your time. Make something awesome. I’ll wait patiently.


Author: Darkrast

Co-Founder of Dpad Press.

1 thought on “Lazy Dude’s Thoughts on Nintendo”

  1. There is a magic with many of their IPs that is not always present in Sony and Microsoft’s. The characters are often cute and memorable and have excellent first impressions. Sequels aren’t always the best (though Nintendo tends to make excellent ones), but as long as the first game is golden, the character becomes a star (and is then allowed to beat other characters up in Smash). I’ve been a lifelong Nintendo gamer, and I think it’s the charm that still oozes out of their products that makes me fall in love with them. Even the silliness that is Miitomo and the wacky Mii games make me laugh. Great post!

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