Repost: Q&A With Louise-Pierre Pharand About Upcoming Game ReRoll

If you want to survey the entire world with drones and transfer that into a game, how are you protecting people’s privacy? Aren’t there a lot of personal properties that will be seen with your drones?
It is one of the reasons why the game camera will not be 1st or 3rd person view but isometric… for a lack of a better word…think Diablo view.
We will take out of the images the people, cars, business signs, etc… 

Honestly, it’s not really an issue if we make sure to do things right.

It sounds like there is a very active world that the players can participate in and be part of. What about the more passive players who don’t login every day to the game? Will it be more difficult for them?

No. You need to manage your characters time, you will be able to do this through a typical calendar or your mobile device or PC.Imagine you go on vacations for a week an will not be able to play. You can manage your characters week, so he can learn new skills, exercise, etc…

What made you decide to turn planet earth into an open-world, free roaming game? Where did the inspirations come from to create the game?
It came from 2 distinct inspirations:
When we saw Google earth we knew that when the level of details and the imagery resolution would be high enough, that it would be a crazy sandbox or platform to create games for.
Also, we spent, 4 years on FarCry 2, I was Producer and Julien was Brand Director, we have been since thinking of what would be the next step for the ultimate open world game
This is obviously a massive project. How is the team going to tackle the goal of creating a virtual planet Earth?
The goal is to reproduce accurately at scale the entire planet. We will not scan the entire planet, no need to scan the oceans; they represent 71% of the planet surface. We will use some procedural techniques, already existing data and tools. We will do that using multiples methods and tools.

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