Phil Fish Said It Right


There are times when I am swept away by the shit that social networks feed me. Our latest election is a great example of one-sided conversations happening at a high frequency. A lot of lies can be spread very quickly, and people’s reputations can be ruined overnight. In the gaming industry, I haven’t seen many red flags that have affected me to be honest. When I saw widespread articles with the common theme of, “Phil Fish is an asshole”, however, I started to think that he was an asshole. It wasn’t until recently when I sat down to watch the Life After sequel to Indie Game: The Movie that I had a change of heart. 

Phil Fish is someone who wears his desire to please others on his sleeve. He is constantly concerned with his image because he takes himself very seriously. Disappointing his peers would feel humiliating, and that would crush his self-esteem. At least, that was the Phil Fish I saw during the filming of Indie Game: The Movie. As a 26 year old, I can say from experience that the early twenties are hard times for everyone, and that as you get past those hard times, you learn a lot about yourself. I would hope that Phil has found some solace and peace of mind after his successes.

Onto my point of writing this, though. I heard Phil say something during Life After that had a deep impact on me. I loved how concretely and confidently he said this:

I don’t need qualifications to form an opinion. It’s just what I think.

After being bombarded with hatred online for making a comment towards someone at an event, Phil became a bit of a meme for a while. Life After describes the situation in full detail and provides context surrounding what Phil had said, and it really killed the previously felt negative vibes. The comment was genuine and he said it in a forward way. That’s understandable. I think that people should be comfortable disagreeing with their peers and having constructive conversations based on those disagreements. It’s a lot of fun, especially when the topic is gaming.

So don’t be ashamed of your opinion and have fun sharing it with the world. Gamers should unite and be proud of their communities and broadcast their opinions. Even the negative ones can lead to meaningful conversations and personal growth. Just don’t have a malicious intent while posting opinions. That’s a buzz kill.



Author: Darkrast

Co-Founder of Dpad Press.

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