What I Want From Twitch


Twitch just made a pretty huge announcement: Streams are no longer restricted to gameplay. Twitch is now an anything-streaming platform just like the science fiction books predicted. People are now able to stream themselves anytime they want. You can vlog yourself in real time and connect with your audience. 

To me, that sounds a bit scary.

It would seem oddly personal and unless it was an event of some sort, I don’t think I’d be interested. Watching the daily life of Joe everyday before I go have my own is way too Truman Show for me. Watching people play games is like a nostalgia rush that takes me back to playing games on a couch with friends and family as a kid. So I’ll continue to enjoy the classic feature of Twitch.

Honestly, I don’t think many people will change their current platforms to take advantage of this; some, but not many. Why change the ability to freely record anything you want, edit it and make it into something you want to create, and then share that creation with the world? That seems like a much more individualized approach then recording and uploading on the fly.

On the other hand, streaming seamless content could be an extremely useful tool for those in media. Your favorite entertainers can now hold live events that aren’t restricted to gaming topics. That means you could potentially go shopping with them, eat dinner with them, and live in some sort of daily setting with them. You could also attend streams for big mile-marking events that the channel hosts. All within that 27″ screen. There’s a lot of potential there if the entertainers–and those in respective fields–use Twitch as an open utility moving forward.

There’s a little idea in my mind of something that would be brilliant in Twitch. At least, I think it’d be brilliant. Think of popular reality TV shows like Survivor, American Ninja Warrior, and Jersey Shore. They catered to niche audiences, but still tried to be appealing to everyone possible. People legitimately enjoy watxhing reality TV. Let’s open reality TV up to the indie scene and support them via Twitch!

There could be some great daily challenges to watch and lasting trends that keep up with the new, high-tech world we live in. Something for everyone thanks to the openness and free-ness of the platform allowing people to cater to smaller audiences, and also receiving donations to support the shows.

It’s worth some further thinking at least. What do you think the new implementation will do to the platform?


Author: Darkrast

Co-Founder of Dpad Press.

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