Greetings fellow media consumption fiends!

I’d like to welcome you to the about page. The fact that you’re here makes me happy, because it means that you are interested enough in the blog to take time to learn more about it. First, a little about me:

My name is Jake Stewart, and at the time of this writing I’m 26 years old. I work retail in downtown Salt Lake City and am happily married to a beautiful wife. I have two cats, a few LED screens, and a lot of gaming passion to share. I founded Dpad Press a few years ago, but thanks to some indecisiveness on my part, and confusion about what I wanted from life, I deleted most of what I’d written to start fresh.

Now, about the blog. I have a hard time describing my goals for this blog in text. Ultimately, I think what I want most is to have a proper conversation about video games with my peers. The industry is alive and well, and there is so much happening all the time. That means there is a lot to talk about, and this blog functions as a way for me to do so. So, there’s that. I also would like to gain further access into the industry in order to attend events and be able to formulate stronger emotions regarding bigger happenings (i.e. major releases, cons, and panels). To show transparency and prove honesty, let me say this: I would like nothing more than to be writing about the video game industry as my full-time job. I understand that there is some serious work to be done, and also that text is a dying field, but I love everything about writing  my thoughts regarding video games down and sharing them with my peers.

Short version: I like games a lot and would like to write about them professionally, but would happily stay an amateur for life.

Thank you for visiting the site. I hope to have a discussion with you soon.

Jake Stewart

Contact: darkrast@gmail.com


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