DLC Fits the Budget

As I am ending another job rotation cycle in my life, my financial security is a big thought-point for me. Whether or not I’ll be able to afford tires on my car next month to prep for winter and to also pass inspection is questionable. I simply don’t have a lot of money to spare right now, so a budget is becoming more necessary. I’ve never really been one to rely on a budget, as my income has roughly been enough for my house’s lifestyle. But my debt keeps gradually accruing, so some lifestyle changes need to be made. The largest money-saver I am able to have control over is my video game hobby. So how do I save money as a gamer and also keep the fiery passion alive? Continue reading “DLC Fits the Budget”

Pokemon Go is a Fad and That’s Okay

Reports around the web are showing that Pokemon Go’s popularity is fading a bit. This makes a lot of sense to me, as Go seemed like a fad game from the get-go (pun intended). Similar to Nintendo’s other first-party mobile app, Miitomo, the interest in Pokemon Go was large upon release, but the longevity of these titles granted by gameplay just isn’t there.  Continue reading “Pokemon Go is a Fad and That’s Okay”

WoW as a Social Network

World of Warcraft is still one of the most popular MMO’s on the market. Even approaching twelve years old it seems like it is one of the most relevant games playable. What with all of the updates and patches changing things all the time. It is truly impressive how diverse the game mechanics are. What is equally impressive to me is the ever-rolling chat board.

Continue reading “WoW as a Social Network”