Female Villains Potentially Lost in the Crowd


Avengers was the first superhero flick to make me feel a strange thing ┬áthat I hadn’t experienced before with a superhero movie: A disconnect from the main cast. The main character(s) are what the entire experience is funneled towards in movies like that, because seeing how someone with extraordinary abilities reacts to harrowing situations is pretty damn pleasing. When there are too many of these characters on the screen, my attention is divided into too many different areas. For my comic reading, I typically read solo-protagonist stories that feature other important people within the universe regularly. Like Batman. It’s all about Batman generally, but then sometimes there are other people, too. We’re getting away from story-telling like Batman lately in our current/upcoming superhero catalog of movies, and I hope this phase in film is brief. Continue reading “Female Villains Potentially Lost in the Crowd”