Thomas Was Alone: A Personal Journey for Gamers


Thomas Was Alone is a puzzle-laced platforming game that relies heavily on the basic, artistic styles of its characters. The personalities that reside in the game exist within simply colored and shaped rectangles that are packed with individuality despite the lack of unique aesthetic properties. With such a simplistic design, Thomas Was Alone is able to explore a new way of story telling that relates to video game players in personal ways. It does this by taking basic game mechanics such as jumping, falling, and movement and giving each action a purpose.

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Repost (3 Years Ago): Should The Last of Us Get a Sequel?


The Last of Us, a survival-horror/action-adventure game from Naughty Dog, has met wild success rates including units sold and emotional imprint left on gamers everywhere. It has won a number of awards including ten awards out of twenty-four possible at the DICE Awards show, not the least of which was Game of the Year. Personally, it was the most impactful game I had played in the year, and I would have to rate it my GotY as well. So, with the game being so incredibly well-received, should it get a sequel? Continue reading “Repost (3 Years Ago): Should The Last of Us Get a Sequel?”

INTERVIEW: Nate Schmold, Creator of Cosmochoria and Other Weird Things

cosmochoriaBefore reading the interview below, know that I am deeply inspired by people like Nate. Pouring their heart and soul into a medium and sharing it with others is something to admire, and we should all strive to be a little more like Nate each and every day of our lives. Enjoy!

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Lazy Dude’s Thoughts on Nintendo

So Nintendo is pretty amazing. They know how to keep an IP (intellectual property) alive and well throughout decades! Pokemon became a part of my life in the third grade and I’m now twenty-six years old. Pokemon just topped the mobile charts with Go, and that random, shitty Miitomo app that no one really cared about, but it was Nintendo so like I guess so, was even downloaded millions of times. Basically if it’s Nintendo, that shit sells. Continue reading “Lazy Dude’s Thoughts on Nintendo”

(rant) Lack of Interest Happens

When I first heard about No Man’s Sky, I thought to myself, “That sounds neat”. It’s like a game that goes on forever, basically. Cool idea. I didn’t really care much beyond that. It kept coming up on my Twitter feed, and random conversations were being had all over the web about this new Goliath of a game. I had my eye on the news about No Man’s Sky, and for some reason, the spark just never happened. I didn’t care about the game. Continue reading “(rant) Lack of Interest Happens”

DLC Fits the Budget

As I am ending another job rotation cycle in my life, my financial security is a big thought-point for me. Whether or not I’ll be able to afford tires on my car next month to prep for winter and to also pass inspection is questionable. I simply don’t have a lot of money to spare right now, so a budget is becoming more necessary. I’ve never really been one to rely on a budget, as my income has roughly been enough for my house’s lifestyle. But my debt keeps gradually accruing, so some lifestyle changes need to be made. The largest money-saver I am able to have control over is my video game hobby. So how do I save money as a gamer and also keep the fiery passion alive? Continue reading “DLC Fits the Budget”

Pokemon Go is a Fad and That’s Okay

Reports around the web are showing that Pokemon Go’s popularity is fading a bit. This makes a lot of sense to me, as Go seemed like a fad game from the get-go (pun intended). Similar to Nintendo’s other first-party mobile app, Miitomo, the interest in Pokemon Go was large upon release, but the longevity of these titles granted by gameplay just isn’t there.  Continue reading “Pokemon Go is a Fad and That’s Okay”