Thomas Was Alone: A Personal Journey for Gamers


Thomas Was Alone is a puzzle-laced platforming game that relies heavily on the basic, artistic styles of its characters. The personalities that reside in the game exist within simply colored and shaped rectangles that are packed with individuality despite the lack of unique aesthetic properties. With such a simplistic design, Thomas Was Alone is able to explore a new way of story telling that relates to video game players in personal ways. It does this by taking basic game mechanics such as jumping, falling, and movement and giving each action a purpose.

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Interview: David Housden (Thomas Was Alone)



How did you begin working in the game industry?

I began working in the games industry whilst I was at university. My teacher developed a relationship with a local iOS developer and managed to convince them to allow a student to do the sound design and music for the game which they were working on. We were all given the chance to audition for it and we had to write a demo along with a cover letter of why we felt suitable for the role. Luckily for me, I was chosen and got my first credit on a published release in my second year of uni. Continue reading “Interview: David Housden (Thomas Was Alone)”